In a hot stone massage, the heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles and connective tissue, allowing the muscles to relax more quickly than in a standard massage, easing tension and revitalising the muscle tissue.

My hot stones are beautiful, smooth, natural volcanic basalt stones. I use varying sizes and shapes of stones to actually massage the muscles (unlike in some clinics where sets of small stones are simply placed on the body). The result is a deeply relaxing experience, both physical and mental. Many clients report an incredible feeling of calm, release of deep-seated muscle tension, and enjoy improved sleep after a hot stone massage.

Please note: hot stone massage is only available at The Orchard Clinic – please call the clinic on 01491 672332 for availability and prices. 

Finally relaxing after a long day, highlight was my hot stone massage with Anna Wilson! Contact her and book yourself in – I feel amazing and will sleep like a baby tonight. Thank you so much Anna.”


Big thanks to the lovely Anna Wilson for my first ever hot stone massage this evening, what a lovely experience! Perfect to warm the body up and relax.”